lunabelle chantilly.
fashion. elegance.
july 11th. 23. est.

i squeeze myself into the frame you made.

this is someone else, not me.

these expressions — are they truth or lies?
who am i?


lunabelle chantilly.
fashion. elegance.
july 11th. 23. est.



  1. Respect my boundaries and comfort levels.

  2. Stay in-character during our roleplay sessions to maintain immersion.

  3. Use descriptive language to enhance the atmosphere and detail of our roleplay.

  4. Be patient and understanding, especially during slower-paced moments.

  5. Have fun and enjoy the storytelling experience together.

  1. Force my character into situations I am uncomfortable with.

  2. Bring real-life conflicts or drama into our roleplay environment.

  3. Roleplay any sensitive topics without first discussing and obtaining consent from both of us.

  4. Ignore or dismiss my ideas and input during our roleplay.

i squeeze myself into the frame you made.

this is someone else, not me.

these expressions — are they truth or lies?
who am i?

about me.

i think i'm in love with you.

  name.    lunabelle chantilly.
  age.    23.
  race.    miqo'te.
  birthday / nameday     july 11th.
  astrological sign / guarding deity.   cancer / menphina.
  gender.     female.
  pronouns.     she / her.
  sexuality.     bisexual.

  height.     165cm.
  weight.     140lbs.
  hair color.     lightest blonde.
  eye color.     sky blue.
  skin tone.     pale as snow.
  notable features.     beauty marks on her nose, under her right eye & all over her body. cute freckles adorn her face.

  job occupation.    war. drk. whm. ast. sam. dnc. smn. rdm. blu.
  place of origin.     ul'dah.
  home.    ishgard.
  affiliation.     the syndicate.
  family.     mr. & mrs. chantilly.
  marital status.     eternally bonded.

  d&d alignment.     chaotic good.
  mbti.     infj-t.
  likes.     lavish parties. fine dining. shopping sprees. spa days. compliments & expensive gifts.
  dislikes.     being told no. having to wait for anything. arrogance & dishonesty. conflict. confrontation.
  virtues.     graceful. elegant. charismatic. kind. generous. determined. a keen eye for beauty.
  flaws.     materialistic. entitled. impatient. naive. dismissive. insecure. difficulty forming genuine connections

this isn't me. this isn't even you.

  personality.     upon first interaction, you'll notice the regal air about her, as if she were born to command attention. graceful and elegant in her movements, lunablle carries herself with poise and confidence, almost as if she were a character straight out of a fairytale. her presence exudes charm and charisma, drawing people towards her effortlessly.lunabelle has a magnetic personality, with a captivating smile that lights up her face and a sparkle in her eyes that hints at mischief and adventure. despite her princess-like demeanor, there's a warmth and kindness to her that immediately puts others at ease in her presence.spoiled though she may be, there's a genuine sweetness to her nature that shines through, especially when she's interacting with those she cares about. lunabelle has a knack for making others feel special and appreciated, whether it's through lavish gestures or simple acts of kindness.however, she does have her flaws. her sense of entitlement can sometimes lead her to overlook the needs and feelings of others, and her impatience can result in occasional tantrums when things don't go her way. yet, despite these shortcomings, she's always striving to be better, to learn and grow both as a person and as a leader.

headcanon one. she has a cherished collection of hand-written letters and notes from friends and loved ones, stored in an ornate box. she finds comfort in revisiting these heartfelt messages during quiet moments.
headcanon two. lunabelle has a deep appreciation for jewelry. each necklace, bracelet, & ring in her collection tells a story, whether it's a gift from a cherished friend or a memento from a memorable adventure.
headcanon three. lunabelle has a fondness for simple pleasures, such as taking leisurely walks in the palace gardens or enjoying picnics in secluded spots.

ability one. lunabelle is a skilled archer. she spent hours perfecting her aim in secret, finding solace in each precise shot. her natural talent often surprises those who underestimate her as just a princess.
ability two. lunabelle excels in diplomacy and negotiation. with a silver tongue and a talent for finding common ground, she defuses tensions and fosters alliances between rivals. her diplomatic finesse earns her respect from all sides.
ability three. lunabelle possesses a natural affinity for elemental magic, particularly water and moonlight. through meditation, she manipulates water effortlessly and harnesses lunar energy. this connection allows her to cast powerful spells tied to celestial phases.

i can't say that i still love you.

social skills★★★★★★★★☆☆

i squeeze myself into the frame you made.

this is someone else, not me.

these expressions — are they truth or lies?
who am i?


LORE : origin .

lunabelle's early childhood was marked by tragedy when her birth parents perished in a tragic accident. she was left orphaned and alone until fate intervened in the form of one of ul'dah's wealthiest families. adopted by the affluent house of chantilly, she was thrust into a life of luxury and privilege, surrounded by opulence and extravagance. however, her upbringing was not without its challenges. grieving the loss of their own child, her adoptive parents struggled to connect with the spirited young girl who seemed determined to defy their every expectation.growing up in the lap of luxury, lunabelle became accustomed to a life of indulgence and excess. she reveled in the attention and adoration lavished upon her, flaunting her status and wealth with reckless abandon. yet, beneath her veneer of confidence and arrogance, there lingered a sense of emptiness and dissatisfaction, a longing for something more meaningful than the shallow trappings of her privileged existence.

during her rebellious teenage years, lunabelle's life took an unexpected turn at a lavish ball in her honor. caught in the midst of a dangerous confrontation between rival factions vying for power in the city-state of ul'dah, she found herself cornered and frightened. a dashing paladin's bravery and selflessness saved her from harm, leaving a profound impression.haunted by the memory, Lunabelle realized she wanted more from life than fleeting pleasures of wealth. inspired by the paladin's noble example, she resolved to embark on a journey of self-discovery and redemption. determined to use her privilege for the betterment of others.

i squeeze myself into the frame you made.

this is someone else, not me.

these expressions — are they truth or lies?
who am i?


look at this, my eyes.

hook one. join lunabelle on a shopping spree through the bustling streets of ul'dah, where she effortlessly combines her impeccable sense of style with a penchant for finding the most luxurious and unique treasures.hook two. experience the vibrant nightlife as you step into moonlit kiss the glamorous club where lunabelle dazzles as the star performer, captivating audiences with her enchanting voice and mesmerizing stage presence.hook three. dance the night away alongside lunabelle at candyland where the pulsating music and electric atmosphere create an unforgettable experience that keeps you coming back for more.

hook four. embrace the fun of creating with lunabelle as you spend hours immersed in the craft of dressmaking, sharing stories and laughter as you bring your fashion dreams to life.hook five. experience the joy of baking with lunabelle as you roll up your sleeves and dive into the world of sweet delights, sharing laughter and creating memories together in the warmth of the oven's glow.hook six. Take a leisurely stroll with lunabelle through the picturesque park, where the gentle rustle of leaves and the soft chirping of birds provide the perfect backdrop for heartfelt conversations and moments of tranquility.

i squeeze myself into the frame you made.

this is someone else, not me.

these expressions — are they truth or lies?
who am i?


my lips again, like this.


My Heart's Anchor

  summary.    sirius is not only lunabelle's eternal bond but also her beloved husband, whose unwavering love and steadfast support have anchored her through life's storms, filling their days with enduring warmth, love, and companionship.


The Timeless Bond

  summary.     juno is lunabelle's best friend of eight years; an enduring connection that has weathered the passage of time, bringing shared laughter, shared tears, and an unbreakable bond that grows stronger with each passing year.


The Beacon of Inspiration

  summary.    hana serves as lunabelle's inspiration, their collaborative efforts in creating makeup and gposes fueling a friendship built on creativity, admiration, and shared passion for beauty and style.

Celia & Ajira

The Guiding Lights

  summary.    celia and ajira have been instrumental in lunabelle's journey, serving as mentors and pillars of support within their free company. their guidance and wisdom have helped her navigate new challenges and learn valuable lessons, fostering a deep sense of gratitude and admiration in their friendship.

Keiko & Smol

The Style Icons

  summary.    smol and keiko inspire lunabelle with their impeccable fashion sense and trendsetting looks, their friendship marked by endless fashion adventures, glamorous photoshoots, and a mutual admiration for pushing boundaries and setting trends in the fashion world.


The Prodigy

  summary.    flora stand as beacons of talent and skill in lunabelle's life, their friendship characterized by mutual admiration, shared passion for their craft, and the constant drive to push the boundaries of their abilities, inspiring each other to reach new heights of excellence.


The Scholar

  summary.     fillian shares a deep intellectual connection with lunabelle, their relationship enriched by thought-provoking discussions, mutual curiosity, and a shared passion for uncovering knowledge and understanding the world around them.


The Jester

  summary.     newt adds a whimsical flair to lunabelle's life with his playful antics and clever wit, their friendship enriched by laughter and a shared appreciation for the lighter side of life.

Shiro & Mikros

The Life of the Party

  summary.     shiro and mikros are the dynamic duo who bring endless fun and excitement to lunabelle's life, their infectious energy and love for adventure making them the life of every party they attend.

i squeeze myself into the frame you made.

this is someone else, not me.

these expressions — are they truth or lies?
who am i?